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A Partner for All Your Land Ownership Needs.


On the long road of life, it is important to find reliable and trustworthy business partners you can depend on.  This is especially true with mineral and leasehold ownership.


David W. Potts wants to be that partner.  Your family or company can benefit from a business relationship with us in a number of ways. Our decades of experience in the industry and the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business can be a real peace of mind when dealing with land transactions.


Our knowledge of the local history of the families and businesses that make up our Southern Oklahoma communities helps us to serve you better and more efficiently.  We can help you find the right solutions to overcome the many challenges that land owners can encounter.  


We are interested in building a strong relationship with you that will stand the test of time.


Your satisfaction is our priority.


Using a Local Lease Brokerage Firm Offers Great Benefits.




In order to better serve our clients, we focus our expertise on the area of South Central Oklahoma. Counties we service include Carter, Bryan, Love, Marshall, Murray, Stephens and Johnston, as well as other surrounding counties. We have become well versed in the oil history of the area.



This allows us to cultivate solid business relationships by providing our clients with service backed by an extensive and intimate knowledge of the region that comes with decades of doing business here.



Using a local broker also saves you money on travel expenses and lodging costs, as well as empowering us to be more efficient with our time and efforts. More time in the courthouse and less time on the road and in hotels translates to big savings for our clients!




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Discover how David W. Potts Land & Exploration Co. will work to find the best way to create solutions to meet your oil & gas leasing and land ownership needs.


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Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.  We look forward to building a strong business relationship with your company or family over the coming years!

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Let's get acquainted!  Get to know the Potts Family and our history in the community.  See why we stand apart from the crowd.  


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